Medical Records Chronology

What is Medical Records Chronology?

A medical chronology report is a person’s medical history listed in chronological order. It is a date-wise list of all the incidents concerning the medical history of a person. These records contain information such as the date and time of the visit, healthcare provider, category of service, and outcome of a medical event.
It is an important part of any medico-legal case. A good chronology provides facts and sources acceptable in a court, aiding you in making your case stronger. In the court, it helps to provide important information and highlight all the strong points in a case to the jury. It helps everyone in the trial to understand the facts as they are different and easily understandable compared to other legal and medical documents.
Medical Records chronologies are not mere timelines of medical events; they are a solid source of information for personal injury attorneys and their legal staff that can win the cases.

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