Indexing of Legal Documents

What is Indexing of Legal Documents?

A legal trial may involve a few to many thousand pages of unorganized data spread across various types of documents. To ensure easy retrieval, searchability, and review, these documents require proper arrangement and handling. The Legal Document indexing process consists of cataloging or indexing legal documents to be easily retrieved, sorted, reviewed, or prioritized.
When our search results are broader than what we want, they can come across as noise and distract us. Indexing isn’t just a list of entries, it is structured. In other words, document indexing shows relationships between various subjects, thus leading lawyers to more specific or related topics that might meet their information needs more closely.
Indexing legal documents ensures every file added to your case is categorized in the same manner so it is not only easier to find, but also provides a way to streamline retrieval. It’s important that document indexing is done accurately otherwise it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get back to a scanned document.

How Can We Help?

Do you need help in seamlessly indexing your legal documents?
Are you spending hours and a good amount of money carrying out this unavoidable yet important task?
This is where the expert team of The Allied Outsourcing comes to your help. The Allied Outsourcing’s legal document indexing services are focused on helping legal firms to optimize their operational efficiency by indexing these unorganized legal documents so that they can be organized electronically, and can be easily arranged, retrieved, and reviewed.
Our team is well experienced and familiar with legal terminology and documentation to execute a legal document indexing customized as per your specific requirements. After initially learning about your customized requirement, our experts can help in sorting, indexing, organizing all types of legal documents such as e-mails, faxes, letters, memos, contracts, and depositions, etc., and ensuring their hassle-free retrieval when and where required.
Outsourcing the legal document indexing tasks to The Allied Outsourcing, will result in great savings, and would also help you derive better operational efficiency, increased flexibility amongst the in-house team, and focus on more critical tasks.
To learn more about our legal document indexing services, reach out to us now!