About us

Who we are

The Allied Outsourcing was founded to provide cost-effective services to businesses and enhance their day-to-day operations. The Allied Outsourcing was founded by a professional with over 20 years of experience in the legal industry. With expertise in the business, we understand the client’s needs and work closely with them to expeditiously deliver the highest quality of work.


The Allied Outsourcing has quickly become a trusted provider of services to businesses of all sizes. We offer a wide range of services, from virtual assistance, legal process outsourcing, administrative support etc. We are proud to have helped so many businesses grow and succeed.

At The Allied Outsourcing we offer top notch services to various businesses, and we are honoured by the trust placed in us by all of our clients. Our strict quality standards, training & development programmes and audit schedules ensure quality, reliability & data security. Our value proposition defines what differentiates us in the marketplace—what we offer, how we perform compared to that of our competitors, and the support & value that we offer, with which we consistently deliver.
Attention to detail and our focus in comprehending our clients’ unique needs and exceeding their expectations is the reason we continue to serve loyal customers for over a decade. Our team at The Allied Outsourcing not only strives for client satisfaction but goes the extra mile and are committed to meeting deadlines as promised and provide an unparalleled standard of service.
We work with companies of all sizes and their intricate processes and strive to understand their philosophy, work culture and requirements so we can transition their strategies into projects that are realistic and aligned with their goals.
Our team consists of rigorously trained Virtual assistants, Medical Record & Medical Report Review Specialists, coming from the law, underwriting and medical backgrounds, have significant experience in the specifics of job. We provide support services to the legal industry, as well as others whose core business is providing services, manufacturing, client-servicing, medical etc. with years of expertise and hundreds and thousands of pages reviewed. Our staff can handle your specific request and you can trust us that the work and delivery of the records completely, safely, securely, and on time. We are the gold standard in medical-legal support services.

Services we provide:

Legal and Paralegal Services

Legal Research
Memorandum of Law
Complaints and Answers
Demand Letters
Deposition Summary
Case Summary
Case Chronology

Medical Services

Medical Records Retrieval
Medical Records Chronology
Medical Records Summary
Medical Expense Summary
Narrative Summary
Bate Stamping of Medical Records

Legal Administrative and Secretarial Services

File Management
Calendar Management
Email Management
Data Management
Back Office Support
Call Support
Chat Support
After Office Answering Services
Indexing of Legal Documents
Bate Stamping of Documents

Virtual Assistance (VA) Services

Scheduling appointments
Handling phone calls
Making travel arrangements
Managing email accounts
Performing market research
Address employee’s administrative queries
Customers first point of contact
File management
Personal Errands
Taking down minutes of meetings
Manage and update social media accounts!
Manage your blog
Liaison between you and other team members and business associates
Entering data and updating databases

Our clients appreciate us for:
  • Anticipating their needs.
  • Delivering superior quality work.
  • Saving clients’ time by striving to do it right the first time.
Backed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable employees we have served some of the leading legal, insurance, and medical companies. Also, our technology-driven solutions and services make us an ideal outsourcing partner in the Medico-Legal field.
We invite you to join us to know more about The Allied Outsourcing and experience the difference. We highly prioritize the client-centred experience as we firmly believe in successful client relationships=successful business.

Core Values


To be a reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective provider of services to our clients, and to help our clients succeed. We aim to be considered equal to and as part of our clients integral team.