Bates Stamping of Medical Records

What is Bates Stamping of Medical Records?

Bates Stamping of Medical Records is a way to apply a unique number to each page of each
case document to quickly review and retrieve specific pages. Bates stamping can be very
helpful when experts and the legal team discuss the case. Instead of shuffling through a chart in an attempt to locate a certain notation, the team can go to a unique page number. Bates stamping is also helpful in locating specific document pages during trials.

Mainly used in the field of law, Bates Stamping is a feature that legal professionals welcome. Legal documents contain thousands of pages, and indexing those pages with Bates Numbers makes retrieving information from them an easy task. With modern day improvements, Bates stamping may be numeric as well as alphanumeric in nature.
By applying sequential numbering to PDF documents, the task of organizing and identifying important documents is a lot easier. For instance, a paralegal can instantly search the document and locate the page containing information a lawyer needs to reference during a deposition. This is a huge time and money saver.

How Can We Help?

At The Allied Outsourcing, our professional team can scan physical files to PDF format before applying the Bates stamping digitally. Our Bates Stamping of Medical Records service is professional, accurate and produces a clear document that’s an exact match and a better representation of the original document.

We’re happy to provide you with the Bates Stamped files in PDF or paper form, whichever is
preferable for your application. The Allied Outsourcing has had years of experience providing the medical and legal fields with accurately scanned and stamped records.

Need some help Bates Stamping your medical records for your legal case?

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