Case Summary

What is Case Summary?

A written statement outlining the actions taken by the department on a case that has been appealed is known as a Case summary. A case summary must provide a succinct yet comprehensive account of the whole case. It is intended to enable the judge to swiftly comprehend the most important facts and issues at stake.
The main highlights of the case are mentioned and the mapping of events is done into a Case Summary. It saves time as voluminous pages and files are reduced into a couple of pages with all the relevant updates on the case from the beginning to date.
A case summary:
  • should be designed to assist the court to understand and deal with the questions before the case.
  • should set out a brief chronology of the claim, the issues of fact which are agreed upon or in dispute, and the evidence needed to decide them.
  • should not normally exceed 500 words in length, and
  • should be prepared by the claimant and agreed upon with the other parties if possible.

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