Bates Stamping of Documents

What is Bates Stamping of Documents?

The process of adding serial numbers in documents is called Bates stamping. Bates Stamping is an essential process for multiple industries, including law firms, looking to meet legal requirements and to make access easier for anyone working with the documents.
Bates numbering legal documents is completed by assigning identifiers such as numeric or a combination of letters and numbers. A few examples can be ID numbers, dates, or company names on each PDF page. Bates Numbers are inserted in the header or footer of the pages. You can also add a prefix and or a suffix.
Bates stamping can be very helpful when experts and the legal team discuss a particular case. Instead of shuffling through a chart in an attempt to locate a certain notation, the team can go to a unique page number. Bates stamping is also helpful in locating specific document pages during trials.

Why do you need Bates Stamp Documents?

There are many situations where it might require making a unique identification for each document. Some principal needs to insert bates numbers are as follows:
  • Streamlined document organization and productivity workflows
  • For the proper file management
  • Document tracking and workflow management
Bates Numbering is highly used by legal professionals due to its high usage in the field of law. Legal documents can contain thousands of pages. To effortlessly retrieve information from these pages, Bates Stamping Documents is a top-notch solution.

How Can We Help?

We, at The Allied Outsourcing, provide you with custom Bates Stamping Services for your PDF Files. Based on your specification the Bates stamp will be applied to the PDF files. This will provide you with the required Bates Numbering. We also have secured file transfer methods through which you can provide us with your records to get our Bates Stamping Services.
Our Bates Stamping of Documents includes:
  • Bates Numbering to your exact specifications
  • Flexible Bates and Document Management
When we receive your documents, our professional team carefully makes a note of your numbering instructions and enhances your documents with any prefix or extension you request.
The Allied Outsourcing has years of experience providing the medical and legal fields with accurately scanned and stamped records.
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