Unraveling the Butalbital Saga: Legal Analysis of Rando v. Leonard

In the intriguing legal case of Rando v. Leonard, a pharmacy technician finds herself embroiled in a web of accusations and legal battles after more than 100 bottles of the pain medication butalbital disappeared from a CVS Pharmacy in Concord, Massachusetts between 2010 and 2012.
The plaintiff, Shelly Rando, contends that Michelle Leonard, a loss prevention manager at CVS, is liable for intentional interference with contractual relations for allegedly coercing a confession from Rando. This article delves into the factual history, procedural journey, and legal analysis of the case.

Factual History:

The narrative unfolds with Leonard, a Regional Loss Prevention Manager at CVS, investigating the unusual increase in butalbital inventory at the Concord CVS. The discovery of missing bottles led to suspicion falling on Rando, a pharmacy technician.
A surveillance video captured Rando pocketing a bottle of butalbital, prompting an interview where Rando confessed to stealing all the missing bottles. Rando, however, denies the theft and asserts that Leonard’s actions constitute intentional interference with contractual relations.

Procedural History:

Rando filed a lawsuit against Leonard and CVS, including counts of malicious prosecution, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional interference with contractual relations, and abuse of process.
The court dismissed several claims, leaving only the intentional interference with contractual relations against Leonard. After discovery, Leonard filed a motion for summary judgment, which the court granted, leading to Rando’s appeal.

Legal Analysis:

The court’s decision revolves around the four elements required to prove intentional interference with contractual relations. While Leonard concedes the existence of an advantageous relationship between Rando and CVS, the crucial element of whether Leonard’s interference was improper in motive or means takes center stage.

Massachusetts courts impose a heightened standard when corporate officials act within the scope of their employment responsibilities. Leonard argues that she qualifies as a corporate official, necessitating an actual malice standard. Rando fails to challenge Leonard’s corporate official status adequately, and her arguments lack substance.

The court, applying the actual malice standard, finds that Rando produces no evidence suggesting Leonard acted with actual malice or without a legitimate corporate purpose. Rando’s claims of coercion and false confession lack evidentiary support, and Leonard’s aggressive questioning, though unsettling, does not rise to the level of actual malice. The court emphasizes Leonard’s duty to protect company assets and reduce shrinkage, supporting the application of the actual malice standard.


In the legal saga of Rando v. Leonard, the court’s decision rests on the absence of evidence supporting Rando’s claims of intentional interference with contractual relations. The case highlights the importance of substantive arguments and evidence in legal proceedings, shedding light on the complexities of proving improper motives or means in interference with contractual relations claims.

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