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Demand Letters

Crafting tailored letters for your legal needs

Discover our proficiency in crafting demand letters – formal communications for payment, specific actions, or dispute resolution. Our expertise extends to various contexts, including legal matters and debt collection.

  • Committed to delivering bespoke solutions tailored to align perfectly with your distinct legal requirements
  • Timely and specific responses
  • Collaborating with a team of experienced teams focused on providing the best legal expertise

Deposition Summaries

Tailored with detail and precision

Discover expert paralegal support with precision with The Allied Outsourcing. Our skilled professionals meticulously sift through every detail of the transcription, ensuring accurate and concise summaries of deposition transcripts.

  • Curated to tailor the nature of the claim
  • Succint and effective summaries
  • Verified and certified from an experienced team of paralegal experts

Case Summary

Creating comprehensive overview of your legal cases

At The Allied Outsourcing, our Case Summary service offers a succinct written statement that outlines the actions taken on appealed cases. Crafted for efficiency, it delivers a swift and comprehensive overview for judges, highlighting main points and mapping crucial events.

  • Specialized in condensing extensive files to concise pages
  • Providing relevant updates from the case’s inception
  • Delivering accurate and informative case summaries on time

Case Chronology

All case information in one place

At The Allied Outsourcing, we offer Case Chronology Services, providing a centralized space for all your case information. This service stands as a pivotal tool in litigation, offering attorneys a clear understanding of the sequence of events. Our dedicated team with years of expertise are reliable partners to ensure efficiency.

  • Reliable and trustworthy allies to outsource the service
  • Clutter- free and well organized
  • Expert assistance to ensure your case is handled with efficiency

Bates Stamping of Documents

Ensuring precision with Bates Stamping

Discover seamless Bates Stamping for your legal needs at The Allied Outsourcing. Our expert team transforms physical files into PDFs, ensuring accuracy and professionalism. Whether you prefer digital or paper format, we've got you covered.

  • Available in the format suitable to your needs
  • Accurate and meticulous scanning of Bates stamping
  • Guaranteed expert assistance in legal and medical fields

Indexing of Legal Documents

Organize your legal documents efficiently

Our expert team specializes in optimizing operational efficiency for legal firms by transforming disorganized legal documents into a seamlessly organized electronic format. This enables easy retrieval, review, and arrangement of crucial documents.

  • Seamlessly sort, index and organize various legal documents
  • Hassle - free retrieval of documents whenever and wherever
  • Customized solutions from a team well versed in legal terminology and documentation

Complaints and Answers

Providing well-crafted expert guidance for you

We specialize in guiding you through the initiation of a lawsuit. We assist plaintiffs in preparing and filing complaints, outlining their claims and accusations. Additionally, we help defendants craft well-informed answers, presenting their version of events in response to the complaint. Our expertise ensures a thorough understanding of the legal process, setting the foundation for a fair and just resolution.

  • Draft complaints, craft answers and assert defenses
  • Present responses to complaints and explore counterclaims
  • Aim for best outcomes to support you through the legal journey

Discovery Process

Simplify your legal process with efficiency

Our Legal Discovery services encompass various essential steps, including the discovery of documents, examination for discovery, interrogatories, pre-trial examination of witnesses, and notices to admit. Explore our services for a comprehensive approach to your legal discovery needs.

  • Gathering and preparing evidence for both plaintiffs and defendants prior to trial
  • Examining evidence, thorough interrogatories and pre-trial assessments
  • Successful in reducing risk and managing critical discoveries for desired outcomes

Legal Research

Explore our legal research services

We navigate legal complexities to identify and retrieve crucial information, supporting well-informed judicial decision-making. Our approach empowers individuals to apply their acquired legal knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of legal principles and the functioning of the legal system. Our comprehensive range of services caters to litigants, law firms, attorneys, and legal professionals.

  • Aiding with legal citations and insightful research
  • Source accurate legal information for prompt decision-making
  • Foster legal success


Legal Pleading Services tailored to your case

Need a strong Pleading to bolster your case? Our expert team, including legal and paralegal professionals, are here to help. We prepare all types of legal pleadings tailored to your case's situation and facts, ensuring affordability and quality in every document we deliver.

  • Fact based statements ensuring pleadings state material facts
  • Presenting facts in a succinct and concise format
  • Setting the foundation for your case while prioritizing quality and affordability

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