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Medical Retrieval Records

Building comprehensive health insights

Our medical record retrieval service simplifies the process of obtaining essential medical documents for legal purposes, such as lawsuits, claims, and negotiations with insurance companies. Whether you're a plaintiff or defendant, our service helps lawyers build a comprehensive case by providing accurate insights into the injured party's health before and after incidents, as well as the long-term effects of injuries.

  • Quick, cost-effective and efficient
  • Tailored to meet the unique demands of various litigation scenarios
  • Reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to meet your medical and legal demands

Medical Expense Summary

Recording precise legal expense summaries

Our experts excel in crafting accurate and timely Legal Expense Summaries that encompass expenses associated with preventing and treating injuries or diseases. Our team of experienced medical writers excel in presenting legal information in an accessible manner for a diverse audience.

  • Efficient and accessible system to turn patient data into personalized text summaries.
  • Recorded summaries follow customisable templates to meet client requirements
  • Precisely evaluate cases in compliance with the healthcare treatment structure

Medical Records Management

Extensive medical documentation for your legal cases

  • Medical Records Summary

    We specialize in creating accurate medical summaries, strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations and other essential privacy and security standards to support legal cases, insurance claims and other applications.

  • Medical Records Chronology

    We develop effective chronologies led by expert teams with clinical knowledge to streamline the process and to make formidable legal claims.

  • Narrative Summary

    We excel in creating concise narrative summaries that outline key events in a case, such as diagnostic procedures, office visits, consultations, and therapy sessions suited to your requirements.

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