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  • Ruchi Bhakhri Sharma


    Boasting an illustrious career spanning 25 years as a lawyer in India and US, Ruchi has led a diverse team of legal professionals, project managers and technology experts and built a loyal client base through specialised services in medical and deposition summarization, thorough legal research, and top-notch paralegal support. As a legal visionary, Ruchi has spearheaded the implementation of business strategies fueling revenue growth and market expansion.

    In December 2022, Ruchi embarked on a journey with a vision to help personal injury law firms in unique ways and launched The Allied Outsourcing. Drawing from her expertise in various legal domains such as Legal Research, Civil, Criminal, Service Matters, General Practice and Litigation, Company Law, Consumer Matters, Arbitration matters, and Corporate Practice, Ruchi has built an innovative legal outsourcing company with a remarkable team of experts specialising in offering tailored solutions for clients across a wide spectrum of legal areas.

    Ruchi now heads a team of 40+ legal and medico-legal experts at The Allied Outsourcing, headquartered in Mumbai.

  • Uttara Singh

    Customer Support for litigation team

    Meet Uttara, our dedicated Legal Support Specialist at The Allied Outsourcing. With a MBA in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Uttara brings a wealth of international business expertise to her role. Having excelled in London's bustling hospitality sector, Uttara has perfected her customer service skills and collaborative teamwork ethos. Transitioning to Dubai, she showcased her exceptional talent as a Customer Service Specialist in healthcare, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

    Uttara's strategic mindset, client-centric approach, and proficiency in assisting litigation attorneys make her an indispensable member of our team.

  • Prathima Jyothi Devulapalli

    Finance and Accounting

    Prathima is a Finance Professional with over a decade of experience in Finance & Accounts, Administration, and HR Management. Since Allied’s inception, she has played a pivotal role, overseeing P&L management and spearheading the entire spectrum of finance & accounts functions, including HRM. With a background in B.Tech Engineering and an MBA in Finance, Prathima brings a wealth of expertise to her role. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing badminton and keeping abreast of political developments in India.

  • Lavina Mathias

    Project Manager

    Lavina Mathias is a dedicated Project Manager with a relentless commitment to skill development and professional growth. Transitioning from the aviation industry to the legal sector at Allied marked a significant milestone in her career journey.

    As a Project Manager, Lavina oversees and manages teams to ensure the delivery of outstanding customer service. She conducts training sessions and mentors team members to boost productivity and foster a culture of friendly service. Known for her adeptness in delegating assignments based on the strengths and preferences of her associates, Lavina firmly believes that an organized Project Manager fosters positive rapport, inspires trust, and leads the team towards achieving organizational goals.

  • Asma Rafeeq

    Senior Project Manager

    Meet Asma, our Senior Project Manager with over 12 years of client-serving expertise. Specializing in process improvements for Personal Injury Lawyers, Asma leverages her skills to optimize workflows and streamline client activities, resulting in significant time and cost savings. With extensive experience in legal documentation and data management, Asma adds exceptional value to her clients. Her unwavering passion and commitment to delivering exceptional service make her an indispensable asset to our team.

  • Gregg Murray

    Legal Consultant

    With a relentless pursuit of excellence in the legal field, Gregg Murray brings a wealth of experience to our team. Over his professional journey spanning over a decade, Gregg has amassed expertise in various sectors, showing remarkable versatility and adaptability.

    From his role as a Sr. Customer Service Advisor to his tenure as a Subject Matter Expert, Gregg consistently displays proficiency in leadership, communication, and problem-solving. His ability to handle customer queries with finesse, manage payments efficiently, and maintain service excellence while fostering a collaborative team environment underscores his dedication to delivering outstanding results.

    Gregg's passion for continuous improvement is evident in his track record of delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of clients

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