Personal Injury cases can be tiring and bone-wrecking for the injured party to deal with all alone, this is where Insurance Companies come out as saviors. They play a crucial role in compensating the injured party and protecting their policyholders against claims. This blog will delve deeper into how an Insurance Company can be helpful during the entire investigation process in cases dealing with personal injury. We will also explore the advantages of having an insurance company by your side and the responsibilities that they need to incur.

What are Personal Injury Cases?

In Layman’s terms, legal disputes that arise from an individual’s harm or injury due to someone else’s negligence or fault, fall under a personal injury case. These involve both physical and emotional injury. The goal of a personal injury case is to seek compensation for the damages and loss incurred by the injured party.

How can Insurance Companies Be of Any Help?

The role of these companies in personal injury cases can be broadly divided into two main cases:-

  1. In Cases of Defense – where the insurance company defend the policyholder who had been claimed by the injured party. The company’s main motive is to avoid paying compensation and if not, reduce the amount as much as they can. For this, they hire lawyers who try to prove in court that their client is not at fault.
  2. In Cases of Compensation – where the insurance company provides the compensation to the injured party. It assesses the damages incurred and offers a settlement amount.

In case of minor injury, the insurance company tries to settle the case out of court to avoid lengthy court proceedings. Using negotiations or other alternative dispute resolution techniques like arbitration or mediation, 96% of personal injury cases never go to trial as per the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). But if there are significant injuries and the company considers their policyholder was not at fault, they hire lawyers to defend against the claim.

How Can Insurance Companies be Helpful During the Investigation Process?

As already mentioned, personal injury cases are overwhelming, as they would be the last thing one would want to deal with along with worrying about their injuries and the legal system. This is where insurance companies can help ease the process and let’s see how:

  1. Providing a Sense of Security – When taking an insurance policy, the person makes a contract with the company that ensures that there would be a team of professionals all aligned to facilitate you during the claims process.
  2. Handling Communications – In personal injury cases, identifying the person at fault is a cumbersome process and even if determined, achieving the desired settlement amount is equally difficult. The insurance company can manage all the communications along with filing other details so that the victim can primarily focus on their recovery.
  3. Helping With Medical Bills – Piled medical bills can be daunting after an injury, also the injured person may not have the means to pay it immediately. Insurance companies can help alleviate the financial burden by taking care of those payments. This ensures that the victim takes care of their recovery rather than worrying about the paperwork.
  4. Legal Advice and Representation – Finding a trusted attorney amidst suffering might sound like a herculean task, and this can be a cakewalk if the insurance company is by your side. They can refer a lawyer and can even assist in your legal process.
  5. Providing Financial Assistance – If a victim receives a settlement after an injury case, the insurance company can ensure that the compensation is received promptly. Also, they can disburse the funds and take care of the necessary tax paperwork, if any.

Therefore, by having the right insurance policy and company, the process of recovering from personal injury can be less stressful, and a reliable insurance company can support and guide you through the recovery journey.

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