During the start of this decade, when there was a growing fascination with crypto currencies, one particular name became prominent – Bitcoin. Its remarkable increase in value captivated investors globally, motivating numerous business owners to examine the possibilities of online currencies.
One of these entrepreneurs was Randall Crater, the genius behind My Big Coin (MBC), a digital currency project that pledged creativity and safety. Nevertheless, what started as a hopeful enterprise quickly turned into dishonesty and deception, causing disappointment among investors and forcing authorities to take action in order to uphold justice.

Pertinent Information

Randall Crater identified an opening in the flourishing digital currency market and introduced My Big Coin (MBC) in 2013. Advertised as a cyber cash akin to Bitcoin but with distinctive characteristics such as being supported by silver and having a collaboration with Visa, MBC captured considerable attention. Crater’s statements regarding MBC’s silver support and association with Visa were appealing, prompting investors like Jack Lynch to invest millions into the project.
Nonetheless, the truth about MBC was not as Crater depicted. Consumers discovered themselves incapable of trading their MBC possessions or utilizing them through Visa as pledged. Crater’s affirmations concerning MBC’s silver support turned out to be inaccurate, with investigations revealing that the supposed gold reserves were, in fact, mining waste stored in barrels.

Legal Proceedings

Crater’s dishonest activities drew the attention of authorities, resulting in a legal dispute that revealed the full extent of his lies. Accused of wire fraud, illegal financial transactions, and running an unapproved money-transmitting business, Crater found himself in a courtroom where his defense strategies were closely examined. A major point of debate was the acceptance of expert evidence from Pamela Clegg, a blockchain expert. Crater challenged the importance and trustworthiness of Clegg’s testimony, arguing against its acceptance without a Daubert hearing. Nonetheless, the judge ultimately permitted Clegg’s testimony, leading to Crater being found guilty on all charges.


Crater’s case revolved around two main issues: the use of regulations similar to Touhy and the acceptance of expert evidence without a Daubert examination. He stated that applying regulations like Touhy during a criminal trial violated his rights under the Sixth Amendment and that the court made a mistake by allowing Clegg’s testimony without a proper hearing on the evidence.

However, the court supported the decisions made by the lower court, rejecting Crater’s claims. It concluded that following regulations like Touhy did not breach his constitutional rights and that allowing Clegg’s testimony without a Daubert examination was reasonable considering her expertise and the court’s role in screening evidence.
In conclusion, The story of My Big Coin acts as a warning in the realm of digital money. Randall Crater’s deceit resulted in considerable monetary setbacks for investors and lawful repercussions for himself. The scenario underscores the significance of careful research in financial choices and the need for regulatory oversight to deter deceitful plans in developing markets.

As the cryptocurrency background progresses, investers must stay watchful and perceptive. Even though cryptocurrencies have great potential, they also provide opportunities for misuse by dishonest people. By gaining knowledge from previous events such as the My Big Coin disaster, stakeholders can strive towards a more secure and more transparent cryptocurrency environment.

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