Civil litigation heavily relies on depositions as a crucial tool in the discovery process, making it imperative for lawyers to have the ability to efficiently summarize them. As a new Lawyer, framing these can be a daunting task. The article will discuss what is a deposition summary and how an amateur lawyer can streamline this process to come up with a concise and persuasive argument during the trials.

What is a Deposition Summary?

A deposition summary is a brief, unbiased, and precise summary of the crucial points contained in the transcript of a deposition. It conforms to the original deposition’s lines and pages, which makes it effortless to identify the vital details and cross-check them with the verbatim transcript when necessary.

In layman’s terms, it is a summary of the entire conversation withheld in the courtroom which includes both bulky transcripts and the crucial information that can help the lawyer win their litigations.

Why Does One Need a Deposition Summary?

Deposition summaries hold a lot of importance in the complete litigation process, including discovery, trial, and motion practice. Let us understand why is it crucial-

  • Preparing for pretrial, trial, arbitrary motions and the subsequent depositions.
  • Preparing for an examination of a trial witness.
  • Getting ready for subsequent requests for discovery and replies, along with questionnaires.
  • Recognizing significant statements and potential issues for challenging the credibility of a witness during trial.
  • Informing the people about the conversation who were absent in the trial room.
  • Time efficient as during the trial, fidgeting over multiple pages might create confusion about the vital points.

Points to focus while framing a Deposition Summary

  • Understanding the Purpose – The primary step once you start writing the deposition summary is to have an understanding of the objective. Having a clear understanding of the reason for having the interrogation speeds up the process.
  • Listening Carefully – It becomes crucial to listen properly to everything said during the deposition and pay attention to all the testimonial details of either of the parties.
  • Organizing Your Thoughts – Once done with the deposition, highlight the key points and make notes of the vital details to include in your summary. Employing the grouping technique to organize main keywords can help in the later process.
  • Keeping it Clear and Concise – Avoid any irrelevant details that do not help in any way in supporting your objective. Use simple language that is devoid of any legal jargon.
  • Using Proper Formatting – Deposition summaries should be written in a readable format that includes bullet points or numbered lists. Use a consistent font and font size throughout the document. Make sure to include the deposition date and name of the witness and interviewer.
  • Working on Presentation – It is important to ensure that your deposition summary is presented attractively as the way it is presented can have a significant impact on how it is perceived by the reader. Start with an introduction that includes an overview of the case and the purpose of the deposition. Followed with a summary of the witness’s testimony and a conclusion.

An efficient deposition summary requires patience and skill and to achieve this, one must comprehend the deposition’s objective, pay attention to the speaker, sort out your ideas, maintain simplicity and brevity, and follow an appropriate structure. Adopting these guidelines could lead to a compelling summary that can influence your legal success and help you develop as a proficient litigator.

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